Attention Vietnam
Our design agency is focused in providing corporate identity development, packaging design and industrial design solutions to the Vietnamese market. We are highly skilled in multiple disciplines and we utilize this as our strength in providing design solutions that encompass all of our clients’ needs. From the perspective of our international network, we are responsible for delivering Attention Design’s presence in the world of visual identities and the fast moving consumer goods industry.

Attention Design
Our agency is rooted in designing for technology. We focus our creativity in designing for lifestyle products, consumer electronics, medical devices, renewable energy, service design and agricultural machinery. Our team’s skill and expertise in these diverse areas grants us perspective and professionalism in all of our work.

Attention Engineering
We have been offering our engineering services since 1990. We put great importance on the engineering side of design, hence a third of our team is comprised of engineers which provides our design work with great development insight. Engineering touches on several aspects of our design work from concept development, CAD, prototyping, testing and production.

Attention Production
Our production services are backed by the strength of two decades’ worth of supplier network relations with Taiwan. Our strong relationship with our production partners guarantees us quality, reliability and speed. Our strength in production is in plastics and electronics and our production engineers expertly monitor our production closely through on-site staff.